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We're looking to add to our team! We think you would be perfect!

We’re looking for FRESH FACES TO JOIN OUR TEAM!!

A few specifics:

🌾This is an interaction team. What does that mean? 
It means you get to post, comment, and love on MKB/B+F posts both inside AND outside of our group! (for those who have been around a long time and are familiar with the Fan/Friends team, that has been dissolved and this is the ONLY team we will have).

🌾There is a 3 month term limit. That means at the end of 3 months, we’ll run this search again.
Term Start Date: JANUARY 1st
End Date: MARCH 31st.  
•Yes, you will have perks for being on the team which will be outlined to the new team once they’ve been chosen.

•Finally, we cannot choose everyone…but I wish I could! 
There will be more team searches coming up and more chances to join if you are not chosen at this time.


⚠️ Fill out THIS form! CLICK HERE! 

That’s it! Search runs thru TUESDAY December 26th at 9p CST. If comments have been shut off and the link has been removed from this post, the team search is closed. No late entries will be accepted.

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