MKB Warranty & Guarantee


We understand kids can be...well kids. We also understand the annoyance of spending money on clothes that just weren't made to last. MKB is constructed with the BEST materials and designed to outlast every growth spurt! BUT in the event your kid rips, tears or something happens to your MKB because your kid was being...well, a kid, we offer a 1 YEAR Kid Proof Warranty. Simply send our Client Care Representative (Customer Service) an email with a picture of your MKB piece, send it in, and we will provide a code to replace it with something new. 

Fine Print: The Kid Proof Warranty covers the garment with the original owner for 1 year from the date of purchase. You will be asked to ship the item to MKB HQ before receiving your discount code for the full amount paid for your item. We reserve the right to decline a covered purchase based on circumstances beyond our control (and we don't want to have to do that, ever!). If your garment falls within the MKB Handmade Guarantee (all seams and hems), we will repair your item and return it to you. The Kid Proof Warranty covers non-seam issues only. BST purchases are not eligible for the Kid Proof Warranty. No purchases prior to 11/1/22 are eligible for the Kid Proof Warranty. The name of the client requesting the Kid Proof Warranty must match the name on the original invoice. If no original invoice number can be provided, the Kid Proof Warranty will be void. The Kid Proof Warranty will cover all MKB items for one full year to the date of purchase beginning 11/1/22. The issued discount code will expire 6 months from the date of issue. Please email for any Kid Proof Warranty questions so our Client Care Representatives can further assist you.
The Kid Proof Warranty will not cover items that are damaged due to untreated staining, or child inflicted damage (cutting with scissors, colored on with markers, etc.). Kid Proof Warranty covers items that are damaged through active play and wear. 
Kid Proof Warranty is exempt from SWIM peeling. Peeling occurs when the fabric is against uneven surfaces (cement, pool flooring) and causes the material to get small little balls of fabric. Because this is unavoidable for ALL swim material, we strongly suggest sitting on a towel. Any other issues regarding your SWIM can be emailed to Customer Service. 

MKB Handmade Guarantee

Handmade does NOT mean fragile, or delicate. Handmade should mean constructed with care and made to last. Sometimes, seams become loose or sometimes open. We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all seams! We will gladly repair any seam that loosens or tears. We stand by our promise that HANDMADE IS MADE WITH CARE and DURABILITY! Simple send our Client Care Representative (Customer Service) an email, with a picture of your MKB piece, and we will get our process started!

Fine Print: The Handmade Guarantee covers the garment for a LIFETIME. Whether you are the first, third or 10th owner! To start the process, you will need to email our Client Relations (Customer Service) and open a claim. Your email will simply include your name and a picture of your item. Please make the seams visible in your picture.  Once we have received your picture and it is determined that your seams need mending, we will instruct you on how to send your MKB in.

Please email for any Kid Proof Warranty OR MKB Handmade Guarantee questions so our Client Care Representatives can further assist you.