Let's Chat!

Here at MKB, customer service is important!

We strive for excellent quality among our brand. If you receive an item that has a construction flaw (in a seam, hem, etc... anywhere a sewing machine touches!), we absolutely will fix it.

If your child has worn the garment and a hem comes out, we can fix it! We love to see you make memories in your MKB and we want to make sure it's there to last! 

We do not cover holes in the actual fabric due to normal wear and tear, pilling or excessive wear in the fabric due to how the child has worn it (ie: scooting across a brick fireplace in MKB will create excessive wear on any clothing--but especially knit), stains on the fabric due to wear and tear, or any sort of external force that could create holes or cuts in the garment (keep those scissors put away!). 

If you have questions about having a garment fixed or if the above doesn't cover your issue, please send a descriptive email with a picture(s) to customer service so we can better assist you.

Email: customerservice@macykateboutique.com

Thanks! -The MKB Team