MKB Customer Service:


What makes MKB so amazing?

The quality! MKB is owned and run by a 4th generation seamstress with over 30 years of sewing experience. She was not self taught and her high quality expectations are unmatched because of it. The team at MKB carefully select fabrics with the confidence that they will last far after your sweet babe has grown out of them. Our styles are created to last! 

Here at MKB, your purchase helps support families who otherwise couldn't afford to work because of the cost of daycare or simply cannot work outside the home due to other circumstances. We have cutters and seamstresses across the United States in all walks of life. They love what they do and we are all so thankful for your purchase! As MKB grows, our office staff does too! MKB headquarters, just south of Denver, Colorado has amazing full and part time employees who work efficiently to ensure your MKB is delivered to you just the way you ordered it! We are growing rapidly and have a passion for what we do!

How is MKB sizing?

MKB is true to size for large national brands. It’s always suggested to purchase the same size you would from a mall brand company. We work hard to make sure your pieces fit your babe. There is a sizing chart located in the sizing tab of this website that can answer specific questions.

How do I order?

Ordering is easy! Under the Shop tab, select your size range (0/3m-4T or 5-8). You’ll see the fabric pictures. Select the fabric you want. From there, you’ll select your size, style, sleeve length, and any applicable add on’s available for your style. Once you’ve perfected your piece, hit “Add to Cart” and head to your next fabric or check out!

MKB has a tendency to sell out quickly sometimes. It’s advised that you check out a few times to make sure you get what you want! Start with the fabric you absolutely can’t live without and check out. Then head back and work down your list of must haves. You'll be well on your way to a closet full of coveted and well loved MKB in no time!

Do you combine orders?

Unless you are international/APO, we do not combine orders. There are rare exceptions but those would be discussed ahead of time. Many shipping options are offered at check out to meet your budget.

Where is my order?

Your order is coming! All releases have a current turnaround time noted in the website listing itself as well as in the Facebook VIP group. Most releases average 7-10 weeks for a turnaround time. I know you love your MKB and are super excited to get it! We do our best to get it to you as quickly as possible!

How can I find an update about my orders?

Every Monday, a weekly update is posted in the  Facebook VIP group. It’s pinned to the top of the Announcements section for quick access. The weekly update has the status of each open release and where it’s at in production. This is absolutely the best place to find a quick update on your MKB goods and where they’re at! *Please note: If Monday is an observed holiday, the weekly update will be posted Tuesday that week.

Why does MKB have so many open releases at the same time?

There are several steps to getting your amazing MKB onto your babe. At any given time, there are approximately 2000-6000 pieces in some sort of production. The outfit you see advertised is only the beginning.

From the time you order, your invoice goes into pre-production. This step is essential as all details are checked to ensure you get exactly what you ordered. From there it goes to cutting. MKB has properly trained cutters who hand cut every piece that creates your item. Once a piece has finished in cutting, it heads to production (sewing). The sewing is where the longest part of the turnaround time is. Each seamstress is hand chosen for their quality, attention to detail, and clear understanding of the craftsmanship of their skill. Once your clothing has been carefully sewn, it returns to the quality control department. They inspect all handmade pieces to verify quality, workmanship, and detect any issues that a piece may have. Once your piece is cleared in quality control, it heads to the shipping department where it’s matched to your invoice and shipped out! Each stage of production has a very specific team to work with it. As the teams finish their task, another release is ready for them to begin, keeping work consistent. We release based on production schedule in order to keep everything running very smoothly.

Do you ever offer Ready To Ship (RTS)?

I do offer RTS at times! RTS will always be advertised in the VIP group and will always be listed on the “Release Dates” tab on this website as well.

A release is in shipment but I haven’t received a shipping notice. Is my item lost?

The short answer: no. Shipment often times takes 7-10 business days to be completely shipped. When a release is completely shipped, the weekly update will state it's complete. That means all orders are shipped out to their new homes and the next release is beginning it's shipment time!

What if I need to change an order?

Once an order is placed, it cannot be changed. All MKB is customized for you. Please make sure all details are perfect before placing your order. Please also note the current turnaround time before ordering to ensure correct sizing and season options are chosen!

I moved. How do I change my address for my orders?

MKB is always shipped USPS. The best way to ensure you get your MKB is to have your mail forwarded. It’s quick and easy to do thru the post office online! 

There’s a mistake in my order. Who do I contact?

Mistakes don’t happen often, but as hard as we try, sometimes the still do!. First, we are so sorry! Second, please email customer service and your issue will be addressed within 2 business days. Email: customerservice@macykateboutique.com

How do I care for my MKB?

Please wash your MKB inside out in cold water and tumble dry low or lay flay to dry for best results. All washing instructions are included on the back side of your size tag.

What is your construction guarantee?

Here at Macy Kate Boutique, we strive for excellent quality among our brand. If you receive an item that has a construction flaw (in a seam, hem, etc... anywhere a sewing machine touches!), we absolutely will fix it. If your child has worn the garment and a hem comes out, we can fix it! We love to see you make memories in your MKB and we want to make sure it's there to last! 

We do not cover holes in the actual fabric due to normal wear and tear, pilling or excessive wear in the fabric due to how the child has worn it (ie: scooting across a brick fireplace in MKB will create excessive wear on any clothing--but especially knit), stains on the fabric due to wear and tear, or any sort of external force that could create holes or cuts in the garment (keep those scissors put away!). 

If you have questions about having a garment fixed or if the above doesn't cover your issue, please send a descriptive email with a picture(s) to customer service so we can better assist you. Email: customerservice@macykateboutique.com


Mailing address:

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